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Fitbit Inspire 3™ (Midnight Zen / Black) Product Image
Fitbit Inspire 3™ (Midnight Zen / Black) Product Image

Fitbit Inspire 3™ (Midnight Zen / Black)

by Fitbit

Product Description

This is Inspire 3—the tracker that helps you find your energy, do what you love and feel your best. All you have to do is wear it. A one-year subscription to Fitbit Premium is included with your device! You will be automatically invited to join our program after you set up your device. Move more The best exercise is the one you already love, and if you’re unsure whether to go hard today or take it easy, your Daily Readiness Score lets you know. Stress Less Everyone feels stress—how you respond to it makes the difference. Stress Management Score and guided breathing sessions can teach you healthier ways to handle it all. Sleep Better Better energy starts with better rest. Track your Sleep Score, light, deep & REM sleep, sleeping heart rate and how consistent your schedule is. Your included Premium membership gives you access to your Sleep Profile—get matched with a sleep animal and see your personalized sleep analysis each month.

What's included: Fitbit Inspire 3 Classic wristband (both small & large) Charging cable

To make full use of the Fitbit products and services, you must use an account with the Fitbit app, which requires a compatible iPhone or Android device. To set up your Fitbit products and services, please review the requirements below.

Account Requirements: A Google Account is required for all new users. A Google Account is required to activate new Fitbit devices released after the launch of Google Accounts for Fitbit. Existing users have the option to use either a Google Account or their existing Fitbit account until at least 2025 at which point they will be required to use a Google Account for login. Click the link below for more information.