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Fitbit Sense 2™ (Lunar White / Platinum Aluminum) Product Image
Fitbit Sense 2™ (Lunar White / Platinum Aluminum) Product Image

Fitbit Sense 2™ (Lunar White / Platinum Aluminum)

by Fitbit

Product Description

Meet Sense 2—the smartwatch designed to help you stress less, sleep better & live healthier. Plus, continuous tracking of your heart & activity lets you track your overall wellness. Get on-the-go assistance with Google Wallet & Maps10, and dive deep into your health & fitness with the included 6-month Premium membership. Keep stress in check Managing stress can lead to better sleep & more energy. Get smart reminders to reflect on signs of stress in your body with a new continuous EDA sensor while actively managing them with exercise, deep breathing & more. Make sense of your sleep Learn how to maximize rest with tools that track your sleep quality and pinpoint areas you can focus on improving. Premium gives you even more insights—see a personalized analysis of your sleep each month and get matched with a sleep animal that most closely mirrors your sleep style. Watch your well-being Track key health metrics like blood oxygen (SpO2) & heart rate variability to help illuminate changes in your wellness so you can adjust your routine to better support your health. You can even use the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications to assess your heart for atrial fibrillation. A 6 month subscription to Fitbit Premium is included with your device! You will be automatically invited to join our program after you set up your device. What's included: Fitbit Sense 2 Classic band (small & large) Charging cable

To make full use of the Fitbit products and services, you must use an account with the Fitbit app, which requires a compatible iPhone or Android device. To set up your Fitbit products and services, please review the requirements below.

Account Requirements: A Google Account is required for all new users. A Google Account is required to activate new Fitbit devices released after the launch of Google Accounts for Fitbit. Existing users have the option to use either a Google Account or their existing Fitbit account until at least 2025 at which point they will be required to use a Google Account for login. Click the link below for more information.